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  1. Check to see if the item is listed. The price lists are found by clicking on the game system/computer system list on the left side of the main page. Most items will be in stock if listed, but some may not.  
  2. Make a list of your choices making sure to also include the type of system and price. E-mail us your order at:  
  3. Call us at 360-422-6532 to place your order with a real person.  
  4. We will e-mail or call you back with game avilability and the total with shipping and handling. 
  5. After confirming your order either by e-mail or by phone you may use your credit card through the PayPal service. Follow their procedures for activating your PayPal account and deposit the order amount in our PayPal account : Be sure to let us know that you will be paying by this method; orders are processed and shipped as soon as the transfer of funds is completed.  

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